An Angelic Vessel


Ash took a step back as Claire got closer. 

“Hey there, not that you don’t seem friendly, but for my own good I gotta ask… You human?”

Ash had finally gotten a solid body back for the time being but, even if it was temporary, there was no point in being reckless and losing it prematurely. Being a ghost was useful and fun, but not that much fun. 

Claire could not retrain her stupidity. She felt foolish for not mentioning it sooner, of course he would want to know. The first thing Claire wanted to know about people was if she was safe. 

"Oh I’m sorry, my mistake." Claire said with an apologetic smile. "Yes, I’m human. Full human."

"What about you? Are you human?" Claire asked curiously and as politely as she could.

Deja Vu | Claire and Sam


“Right now?  Neither.  I’m staying at a place not far from here.  Patrols… Checking the area…”  Sam waved one hand vaguely at their surroundings, “Making sure we don’t have any croats creeping up to snag people before they get to the gates, or when they’re headed out to look for supplies… That kind of thing.”

Looking down at the offered hand, Sam hiked an eyebrow.  The girl seemed nice enough, if a little naive.  Wandering around, introducing yourself to strangers right off the bat was not overly conducive to a lengthy future.  Especially not with the amount of creatures wandering around out in the open.  Vamps, wolves, shifters, all sorts of things that would take a neat little morsel like this and have themselves a glorious feast before leaving her carcass to rot in the sun.

He was just about to reach out, to take the hand when her words filtered through to his brain and everything slotted into place.  Oh. 


Wow.  Okay then…

There wasn’t a flinch or a falter though as he shook her hand briefly, taking a small step back to study her features once more.  Because, sure… It would be the mother of all coincidences, but there was no other explanation.  He thought he knew her… And with a name like that?  Not overtly common…

“Sam…. Winchester.”  He replied, a little cautiously, “I think we might have met before, Claire.  Your dad.  His name was Jimmy… Right?”


"Yeah, he’s my Dad." Claire said with a smile and remembered where she had placed him before. 

"You were there that night; you were the tall one." Claire said her memories slowly coming back to her. The day she lost her father for the second time and had almost been killed by demons. It wasn’t a very pleasant memory for her. How could it be?

She couldn’t image it was easy on him either; him had tried to do a rescue mission to get everyone out safely and failed. Not that Claire blamed him, things happen. It was no one’s though, expect maybe the demons involved. 

"You still with your friend? The not so tall one." Claire asked. 

Anonymous asked: "M!A You have superpowers for 72 hours"

M!A accepted; off plot only. Super powers would interfere with the Canon plot too much.

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“Yeah, I can,” Sookie confirmed with a nod. “It’s not as fun as it seems though. Especially when you can’t control it at times. But over the years, I’ve learned to create a sort of wall.” This was probably making not a lot of sense to Claire. This was the point where people looked at her like some sort of weirdo and hey, being a mind-reader was weird, Sookie had to admit.

“Interesting is hardly the word I would use…”


Sookie thought about the name Claire had given her. She hadn’t met any Amelia Novak or even heard the name. Still, Sookie empathized with Claire. It wasn’t easy growing up without your parents. Both of hers died when she was a little girl. It was hard, not having them with her. She didn’t know if it was a curse or a blessing that she didn’t have them here with her now.

For what it was worth, Sookie said to her, “I’m sorry. I haven’t seen her in camp, but maybe you’ll find her soon, alright? She could be on her way here, you never know.”

Claire was a little disappointed that Sookie hadn’t seen her mother but still she refused to give up hope. There was just a chance her mother was alive, and like Sookie had said her mother could be making her way to the camp. 

"She could be." Claire agreed optimistically. After all, Claire could never know. Her mother meant of bumped into someone else from the camp or over heard of it somewhere. Until she knew there was endless possibilities about her mother. 


Dean nodded as she explained. He’d probably changed a little less over the years than she had.

He watched a slight shift in her expression and thought he could guess what she thought about when he saw the almost invisible frown. That day wasn’t a particulary good memory for Dean either, and he hadn’t even been as involved as she had. He’d felt bad for her when she was forced to lose a parent for the second time, and he’d felt bad for Jimmy for having to give up his family like that. 

“Sam,” he told her as she mentioned the tall guy and then her next words made him laugh and he relaxed his posture and expression a little.

“Those are true words that are not said as often as they should be,” he told her with a smile, “So Claire, are you out here on your own? We’ve got a sort of camp set up not too far from here. Why don’t you come back with me and we’ll get you a hot meal and somewhere safe to sleep. No one should spend any more time in these woods than necessary.”

Claire thought about it, the woods weren’t the safest of places to be. Claire knew she could trust Dean and that he was one of the “good guys”. Plus the thought of a hot meal sounded very tempting. 

"Okay, that actually sounds really nice." Claire said with a smile. 

"And yeah….I’m alone. Me and my Mom, we got separated. I haven’t seen her since the world ended. I’m not even sure she’s still alive." Claire answered him. 

"Are you and Sam still fighting demons?" Claire asked "That is what you did right; there wasn’t a day job involved?"


Inias twitched. Damn, you’re off. You should have heard her coming. Tensing, ready to defend himself, he turned; though he was slow and he kept his blade sheathed. The voice hadn’t sounded like a threat, and he didn’t want to look like one. 

“Hello,” he replied, fixing his eyes on the girl. 

Claire signed with relief slightly, she didn’t have to worry to much. The man didn’t appear like he was infected. Claire gave him a polite friendly smile to show she meant no harm and took a small step towards him. 

"My name’s Claire Novak, please to meet you." Claire said and offered him her hand. Claire knew it was risky, even if he wasn’t infected that didn’t mean he wasn’t dangerous however Claire refused to let her manners and hope in people fall because of a risk that someone may be slightly dangerous. Kindness was something that should be given to everyone, even if they are not so kind. 

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The sun was high in the sky and a cold breeze blew though the air around her. Claire hated the cold weather, it was the hardest. There was never any protection or shelter for it and it wasn’t like she could pick up any extra layers from her house any more. Now all you did was hope against hope that it passed over while you froze. Sometimes Claire managed to hide out in an abandoned building till the cold passed over, but staying in a place too long was dangerous and risky; you could easily attract Croats that why. 

Claire sighed and rubbed her hands together for warmth and tried to think of anything she could to distract herself from the cold. She thought of all the sunny holidays she had taken as a child, back when life was easy and innocent and the supernatural stayed as part of movies, back when the world was standing whole and the human race wasn’t close to extinction. 

Claire kept herself to her thoughts as she walked thought what could of been considered a city at one point. Now it was a broken abandonment of what used to be. Dusty roads, broken windows, emptiness, even some of the buildings were starting to crumble. Claire paused as she turned a corner and spotted a male figure standing there. He could be anyone, friend or foe, infected or clean, and there was no way of telling by a glance.  

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Of Familiar Faces


Cas smilled warmly at the girl, glad to see that his vessel’s daughter was safe and sound. Although, Cas hadn’t persoanlly grown close with Claire, he had made a promise to her father that she and her mother would be fine. This was twice he had broken that promise. At the mention of her mother Cas looked down, guilt-ridden, but only for a second. He couldn’t help but wonder how she had lasted as long as she had in this place at such a young age.

"No, Heaven has been closed off to me for some time now. As I understand it there are a few of us left here. Have you heard any leads?" He asked, determined to make up for leaving them behind.

"They just left you? And others?" Claire asked with disbelief. Claire was in shock; she couldn’t imagine that Heaven could leave some of its angels out. But they had left Castiel, and more than just him it seemed. 

"No, I haven’t heard any leads." Claire said, answering his question. It seemed odd to see Castiel again, odd but not nice to see a familiar face. After the last time she doubted she would meet the angel she had once shared a body with again. He seemed different somehow, but Claire could put her finger on it.

Maybe with Heaven being closed it affected Castiel and that is what it was or maybe it was her adult eyes looking at him instead of her child’s eyes all those years ago. 

"How have been? Since….since we last meet." Claire asked, remembering the encounter. It wasn’t a very pleasant memory for Claire, she lost her father for the second time and had almost been killed by demons. But she still had great hope and faith in the words Castiel had told her father, we always keep our promises. She didn’t remember much of her time possessed, it was very blurry to her but she remembered those words clearly.

"Other than being kept out of Heaven." Claire said. "I’m sorry about that by the way, it can’t be easy being trapped out of a place you once called home." Claire said and gave Castiel an apologetic smile.


Lucifer nodded. He looked Claire up and down, taking her in. An interesting person, but not someone, it seemed, who would be overwhelmingly useful to him.

Then again, the useful people were the ones who didn’t show their strength until it was needed. They were the ones who were expert at survival and destruction, and the best ways of causing it.

“You still want to go that way?” he asked. He remained where he was as he took a canteen from the side of his pack. He drank from it slowly, being careful so as to appear to not be consuming it too quickly.

"No….no I’ll think I’ll try another path." Claire said. She again shuddered slightly over the graphic mental images he had told her about. Who knows what was down there, lurking in the shadows. 

Then a small thought occurred to her.

"Are you sure its safe for you to be sitting there? Whatever was down there could travel up the path now they’ve caused their….their damage." Claire said with concern. She had learnt from the start that if anything was dangerous out there, you should try your best to move in the opposite direction for safety. You never know when anything dangerous could be right behind you.

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Claire gently brushed the drop of water that was sliding down her chain away with her thumb and screwed the cap back on her water bottle. She placed the bottle back into her rucksack and slung it over her shoulder.  

It was a cool day out, not too hot and not too cold. Claire reminded herself to enjoy it while it lasted as she had no protection to weather changes, it wasn’t a necessity such as food and water therefore Claire never carried spare coats around. 

Claire missed how the world used to be, full of beautiful flowers and singing birds and the care free skipping she had enjoyed as a child. None of that happened anymore, flowers didn’t grow, birds were hardly around and children most certainly didn’t skip in the streets. It was a different time, a time where civilization as Claire knew it was none-existent. Claire clung to her memories of a more simpler time, a more safe time, they were what helped Claire keep her sanity and her hope. Claire vowed to herself each morning that she would never forget what humanity used to be.

Claire paused in her thoughts for a small moment when she stopped a figure not far from her. Claire bit her lip, and braced herself should she need to run. It could be someone human, someone harmless or it could be someone infected. There was never any telling until words were exchanged or if an infected person blindly attacked you. 

"Hello?" Claire asked the man cautiously.


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